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The reason, why some people have difficulties putting their own problems in perspective is this:
There is an inside world and an outside world. The inside world consist entirely of Me and so my problems, or the problems I know of are The Problems.
Normally I am not a friend of hype-trains, but OH MY GOD Christoph Waltz as a Bond-villian?

"What took you so long?"

I think it's perfect, because noone can represent the methodical, politely smiling evil the way Mr. Waltz can. We have seen it in Inglorious Basterds before and we will see it in "Specter", unless writing tottally fu**s up his character, which I don't think they will. The Bond-movies with daniel craig are much better than the previous ones in that they are actual spy-movies, they put a lot more emphasis on the trust/distrust issues and the political manouvering, where as the movies before that where pretty much just superhero movies without the costumes.
The craig-bond-movies focus more on the characters and their interactions, they create a tense climate of perpetual wondering about who is gonna sell out whom and that is the kind of climate where a Christoph Waltz-character is the cherry on the cake.
A character that sits in an armchair, talking casually and drinking a glass of Bordeaux all the while destroying everything you hold dear.
That's the kind of villian that Specter needed and Christoph Waltz will be that villian.

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Imagine a guy
standing out
on the street
he has a flag
he swings it
wild, wind, wild

all around
are angry men
they have guns
they're walking
down the road
wild, wild, wild

there he is
they got him
the one guy
with the flag
they put it
down, down, down

now were safe
twas the flag
flag is down
now we're safe
are we not?
Are, we, not?

Angry men
loaded guns
keep marching
marching on
to the kill
Kill, Kill, Kill
I am not a fan of america or the stars-and-stripes or the confederat flag, but the idea that removing a flag will somehow help solving the issues of violence is just beyond me.
Maaaybe the issue with GamerGate and SJW is not that one or the other is full of assholes, Maybe it's that each of them is filled half with assholes, that try to fight each other, all the while the no-asshole-halves of each faction are the people that get hurt.
If you consider that pollen are released by plants to procreate themselves, is it sufficient to say that people that suffer from hay-fever literally get fucked by nature?
something to think about.

Dear President of the Eurogroup,

Over the last five years, the people of Greece have exerted remarkable efforts in economic adjustment. The new government is committed to a broader and deeper reform process aimed at durably improving growth and employment prospects, achieving debt sustainability and financial stability, enhancing social fairness and mitigating the significant social cost of the ongoing crisis.

The Greek authorities recognise that the procedures agreed by the previous governments were interrupted by the recent presidential and general elections and that, as a result, several of the technical arrangements have been invalidated. The Greek authorities honour Greece's financial obligations to all its creditors as well as state our intention to cooperate with our partners in order to avert technical impediments in the context of the Master Facility Agreement which we recognise as binding vis-a-vis its financial and procedural content.

In this context, the Greek authorities are now applying for the extension of the Master Financial Assistance Facility Agreement for a period of six months from its termination during which period we shall proceed jointly, and making best use of given flexibility in the current arrangement, toward its successful conclusion and review on the basis of the proposals of, on the one hand, the Greek government and, on the other, the institutions.

The purpose of the requested six-month extension of the Agreement's duration is:

(a) To agree the mutually acceptable financial and administrative terms the implementation of which, in collaboration with the institutions, will stabilise Greece's fiscal position, attain appropriate primary fiscal surpluses, guarantee debt stability and assist in the attainment of fiscal targets for 2015 that take into account the present economic situation.

(b) To ensure, working closely with our European and international partners, that any new measures be fully funded while refraining from unilateral action that would undermine the fiscal targets, economic recovery and financial stability.

(c) To allow the European Central Bank to re-introduce the waiver in accordance with its procedures and regulations.

(d) To extend the availability of the EFSF bonds held by the HFSF for the duration of the Agreement.

(e) To commence work between the technical teams on a possible new Contract for Recovery and Growth that the Greek authorities envisage between Greece, Europe and the International Monetary Fund which could follow the current Agreement.

(f) To agree on supervision under the EU and ECB framework and, in the same spirit, with the International Monetary Fund for the duration of the extended Agreement.

(G) To discuss means of enacting the November 2012 Eurogroup decision regarding possible further debt measures and assistance for implementation after the completion of the extended Agreement and as part of the follow-up Contract.

With the above in mind, the Greek government expresses its determination to cooperate closely with the European Union's institutions and with the International Monetary Fund in order: (a) to attain fiscal and financial stability and (b) to enable the Greek government to introduce the substantive, far-reaching reforms that are needed to restore the living standards of millions of Greek citizens through sustainable economic growth, gainful employment and social cohesion.


Yanis Varoufakis

Minister of Finance

Hellenic Republic

The above text was sent in a letter from greece to all european financial institutions, including the german finacial ministry. Multiple persons of power, including the german finacial minister Schäuble rejected the plead, on the basis that some formulation are too ambivalent and that this proves that the greek government doesn't really want to proced with the current contracts.
Now...I read the letter and the german translation, which was presented on the web-site of a german leftist party.
And I have, let's say...difficulties understanding the position of Mr. Schäuble on the matter as the greeks repeatedly state that the agree to the current contracts and that they are willing to follow through with them.
In the words of a greek friend of mine:"Who said that we are not gonna pay back at all?"

So I'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter?
Is this statment really so ambivalent as the medias present it to be?
Or is Schäuble just pulling the bullshit-lever?

the erring Fool


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