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Today I read in a comment on dA, that "hitler was a great guy" and the "holocaust was a lie to slag off national-socialism" and it makes me want to go outside with a loaded gun and kill as many people as possible, because we obviously have learned nothing. also known as Stjepan Sejic is a Comicartist here on deviantART, who brought out a web comic, that later became a "real" comic known as Death Vigil. Unfortunatly there had been healthissues in his family and so the comic was delayed, which resulted in a decline in sales. So if you are looking for a comic book to buy, buy his, because the comic is great and he is a good guy that can use the money.
Eine Saga.

Die Geschichte einer fünfköpfigen Familie.

Der Pioniergeist der Gründerväter.

Der Arbeitswille ihrer Söhne und Töchter.

Das Selbstverständnis ihrer Nachfahren,

Die in der Arroganz der Ur-Enkel mündet.

Und der Fall eines Familien Unternehmens...

Das ist der Daumen,
Der schüttelt die Pflaumen,
Der hebt sie alle auf,
Der trägt sie nach Haus,
Und der kleine isst sie alle auf...
Bin ich der einzige dem sowas einfällt?XD
For reasons that I find incomprehensible a Deviant with 6 Watchers got 8 Deviations on the Mainpage of which One got 18 views in it's 8 houre lifespan. Is that customary?
I am aware that you might not assosiate me with super serious topics, although I did recently talk about Charlie Hebdo and the events around it.
Usually I just write fantasy and some short stories about other things.
And that's where my dilema starts. As some of you may know the famed fantasy author Sir Terence Pratchett, also known as "Terry Pretchett" died at the relativly young age of 66 years. Pratchett spend his recent years not only writing, but also raising awarness of Alzheimer. The reason for that was that he was diagnosed with Alzheimer some years earlier. You might think now that it was the disease, that killed him. It seems unlikely however, because of "the other thing" he did in his recent years.
Pratchett was, or became, and advocate of giving people the choice to end their lives if the is no other decent way to end their suffering. He wrote a speech which then was given by a friend on his behalf infront of the british Alzheimers-association. In that speech he spoke almost romatically about ending your own life, he referred to it as "Shaking hands with death". Mixing the final coctail, sitting down in your armchair, putting on speakers with some good music, drink and sleep.
He also made remarks about how we should control or guide this costome if we were to allowe it. He recommended that a doctor should be consulted as part of the process, to make sure suicide is the only way out of your current condition. And that came from someone who upon becoming a knight chose "Do not fear the Reaper" as his motto. I can only recommend to look up "Shaking hands with Death" on youtube.
Now I have to make a confession here.
I usually have no empathy or respect for people that kill themselves.
I think they are weak, lazy, scumbags. We all fuck up at some point in our lives. You can't just push the escape-key and jump out of life in hopes you go to a better place and leave others to clean up the mess you made. It's irresponsible. There is always someone you leave behind, if it's no family in the classic sense, it's friends, collegues or lovers - People that will shake their heads in disbelieve and get depressed and insecure. "Could I have prevented it? Should I have seen it coming? Wasn't I paying attention? Did I do something wrong?"
If you are considering to do it, what you need to do is change your life, not end it. If there is shit in your life, sort it out, don't just step to the side and hope that someonelse get hit by the shiteor. And although I feel sad whenever I hear someone passed away, I have no patience whatsoever for people talking about doing it, espacially on dA.
Now I am willing to let Pratchett of the hook here, and you might ask why. Isn't that pretentious and hypocritical? Maybe it is, but I don't think so.
The thing is Pratchett was in a situation where there was no help possible, it was just inevitable that he would loose his mind and then his life in a long and tedious process that would have been more painful for his family then it was for him. And he wouldn't leave anyone behind wondering what they had done wrong. He had a good and fruitfull life to look back on. His family and all the things that he could have taken care of ahead of time he did take care of. He did not leave anyone behind.
I can understand that these view might be seen as disturbing or controversial, but I never the less had to get it out there. If you end your life I wont feel sad for you, I will feel sad for the people you leave behind.
On Suicide
Not very funny, but I needed to get that out there.

Dear President of the Eurogroup,

Over the last five years, the people of Greece have exerted remarkable efforts in economic adjustment. The new government is committed to a broader and deeper reform process aimed at durably improving growth and employment prospects, achieving debt sustainability and financial stability, enhancing social fairness and mitigating the significant social cost of the ongoing crisis.

The Greek authorities recognise that the procedures agreed by the previous governments were interrupted by the recent presidential and general elections and that, as a result, several of the technical arrangements have been invalidated. The Greek authorities honour Greece's financial obligations to all its creditors as well as state our intention to cooperate with our partners in order to avert technical impediments in the context of the Master Facility Agreement which we recognise as binding vis-a-vis its financial and procedural content.

In this context, the Greek authorities are now applying for the extension of the Master Financial Assistance Facility Agreement for a period of six months from its termination during which period we shall proceed jointly, and making best use of given flexibility in the current arrangement, toward its successful conclusion and review on the basis of the proposals of, on the one hand, the Greek government and, on the other, the institutions.

The purpose of the requested six-month extension of the Agreement's duration is:

(a) To agree the mutually acceptable financial and administrative terms the implementation of which, in collaboration with the institutions, will stabilise Greece's fiscal position, attain appropriate primary fiscal surpluses, guarantee debt stability and assist in the attainment of fiscal targets for 2015 that take into account the present economic situation.

(b) To ensure, working closely with our European and international partners, that any new measures be fully funded while refraining from unilateral action that would undermine the fiscal targets, economic recovery and financial stability.

(c) To allow the European Central Bank to re-introduce the waiver in accordance with its procedures and regulations.

(d) To extend the availability of the EFSF bonds held by the HFSF for the duration of the Agreement.

(e) To commence work between the technical teams on a possible new Contract for Recovery and Growth that the Greek authorities envisage between Greece, Europe and the International Monetary Fund which could follow the current Agreement.

(f) To agree on supervision under the EU and ECB framework and, in the same spirit, with the International Monetary Fund for the duration of the extended Agreement.

(G) To discuss means of enacting the November 2012 Eurogroup decision regarding possible further debt measures and assistance for implementation after the completion of the extended Agreement and as part of the follow-up Contract.

With the above in mind, the Greek government expresses its determination to cooperate closely with the European Union's institutions and with the International Monetary Fund in order: (a) to attain fiscal and financial stability and (b) to enable the Greek government to introduce the substantive, far-reaching reforms that are needed to restore the living standards of millions of Greek citizens through sustainable economic growth, gainful employment and social cohesion.


Yanis Varoufakis

Minister of Finance

Hellenic Republic

The above text was sent in a letter from greece to all european financial institutions, including the german finacial ministry. Multiple persons of power, including the german finacial minister Schäuble rejected the plead, on the basis that some formulation are too ambivalent and that this proves that the greek government doesn't really want to proced with the current contracts.
Now...I read the letter and the german translation, which was presented on the web-site of a german leftist party.
And I have, let's say...difficulties understanding the position of Mr. Schäuble on the matter as the greeks repeatedly state that the agree to the current contracts and that they are willing to follow through with them.
In the words of a greek friend of mine:"Who said that we are not gonna pay back at all?"

So I'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter?
Is this statment really so ambivalent as the medias present it to be?
Or is Schäuble just pulling the bullshit-lever?

the erring Fool


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