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The restaurant was surrounded by a crowd of courius people, all wanting to get a glimps on what was going on inside.
He made his way through the crowd murmuring an apology here and there.
As he reached the door a larg police-officer stoped him:
"Sorry Mrister you cannot go inside now."
"I do think I can.", he responded and held up his badge.
The Policeman stared:"Interpol?! what the fuck are you guys doing here?"
"My job if I may." He pushed past the officer who did not resist anymore.
Inside he saw other policemen interviewing the employees.
"Where?" - Someonepointed towards a set of stairs leading up.
He followed the stairs up and finally found the crimescene.
There where members of the crimlab, one of them looked up at the newcomer and mothed to his collegues:"Glasseye."

Glasseye. That's what Odin was called by them because of his ocular implant, although they were not aware of the specifications of his "glasseye" and he was fine with that.
Odin didn't know why he was sent to this specific incident, but his superiors insisted that he took a look at the scenery.
He got a glimpse at the victim before they closed the bodybag. The victim seemed strangely familiar.

"Good evening, What do we have?", Odin said, looking around at the crimscene.
"Dr. Lee, something with bio-engeneering in the ministry of defence. Shot right into the heart in the middle of this restaurant. The killer must have been a professionel.", one of the crimelab-members responded.
An attack on an employee of the ministry of defence, that's proberbly the reason why he was sent here. It could even be an explaination for why he thought he knew this guy.
"Do we have any videos or describtions of the murderer?", he said and looked around for any cameras, that might have catched the incident.
"The barman said that the doctor was all alone through the evening, except for one time that is close to the approximate time of death. The barman described him as somewhat looking similar to Tom Hiddlestone, but I think he's full of shit."
Odin froze.
"What did you just say?", he asked without looking at the guy.
"I said he's full o' shit.", the man repeated.
"No before that.", Odin clarified himself.
"That the supossed murderer looks like Tom Hiddlestone? You know the guy from the Avengers.", the man added with a frown.
Suddenly all came together.
"I'd like to do a phonecall now.", Odin said an added "Alone." when the man wasn't moving.
When Odin finally was alone he put his hand in his pocket, there where two cellphones in there. A regular one and one with only one contact saved. He picked up the latter and called.
The call was picked up almost imidietly.
"Good evening, Odin.", the voice on the other end greeted him.
"Why didn't you tell me why I was send here.", he inquired without returning the greeting.
"We were confident that you could find that out for yourself.", the voice responded.
"You could have saved me AND you some time. Besides, I think Loki is behind this."
The voice laughed.
"You know that he was captured and liquidadet."
"And YOU know that there was an employee of the ministry of defence, who participated in the Ragnarök-Project as a bio-engineer from the very beginning, if I remember correctly, was killed in the middle of a restaurant without the supposed murderer, whos is described as "looking like Tom Hiddlestone" getting caught.", he said it in a low temered tone, that had no relationship to the tension he was feeling.
There was a long silence.
"So you're serious?", the voice asked.
The Ragnarok Protocol 2
2nd part of a shortstory i made some time ago - <da:thumb id="345141706">

Hey Guys,

In case you didn't notice, I changed my avatar.
This is me at the baptism of my nephew, reading out a small verse.

I'm trying to get back to writing at the moment.
And you? How are you guys doing?

the erring fool
At first sight the bulky figure hobbling through the cloudy harvest evening would not appear as unhuman to any observer. Any citizen that saw the figure would just assume that it was some old, misshapen beggar in his dirty ropes. Only on a closer look someone could see the strange feet the person was walking on and maybe if he turned his head, become aware of something that looked like and unaturally long nose.
They called him Crowfeet, although he had an actual name, he still used Crowfeet because he learned that the people in this city weren't able to pronounce his name correctly anyway.
Crowfeet was a stranger to this city, he came from about half a world away, but his people abandoned him or he did abandon his people, depending on the point of view.
Crowfeet was a Tengu, the tengu were a people of humanoid ravens, living in the far east. Crowfeet's kin loved soaring the skies abouve the dragonspine mountains and practice the art of the sword. He himself however never was that much interested in swordplay and learn magic instead. Regular magic at first, but later he looked into darker, more specific kinds of magic. The people of the far east called it Maho - Bloodmagic.
He had to leave his poeple and later he left the continent. He traveled to the west just to find out that westerners weren't found of his craft either. He kept fleeing until he found this place.
He liked to compare it to the dirty nest of a flightless bird, build into the ground, that's basically what it was - a dirty hole in the ground. It sorta suited him though, he made the experience that the people of this city were not interested in the celestial wheel, they were only interested in cause and effect. And Crowfeet was able to provide them many, many effects.
He had build a small hut to the side of the citywall, near the main graveyard of the beggar's quater. The presence of corpses, fresh or otherwise were...usefull to him.
As he entered the hut he imidietly shook himself to get rid of some rainwater on his feathers. The hut had only one room, that was pretty much stuffed with all kinds of alchemical devices and gruesome tools, one of them being a large iron cauldron filled with the remains of dead animals, rats mainly - after all we was a magician and not a chef.
He picked up a pail full of rainwater and poured its content into the cauldron. He put down the pail when he heared someone aproaching the hut.
"Come in", he said without looking up.
"Good evening.", said the voice of a women - politness, how refreshing.
"I heard you can curse poeple."
"If you have something of the person you want to be cursed, yes."
He still didn't look at her, instead he started searching for the things he needed for the Hex.
"I have a lock of his hair."
Crowfeet held his claw out to recieve the hair and take a look at it.
"Yes, this will do. What do you want to happend to 'him'?", people tended to expect to much from people who have "powers" so he had to please to the best of his abilities. Sometimes people wanted someone dead and then he had to pretend a curse and later kill them in another way.
"Make that he can't get it up again. Ever.", there was slight hint of bitterness in the women's voice, but he learned not to ask too many question.
Yet he tried to converse: "An ungrateful Lover?"
"Look I don't care if he goes to random women in the city, but he should never have touched our daughter."
Never ask to many questions.
He formed a small image of a man from wax. He then wrapped the lock of hair around the images genitals and then pierced it with two wooden needels, perpendicular through the figures waist, before throughing it into the fire under the cauldron.
"Done.", he streched out his claw again "You owe me."
She nodded and opened a bag with two herrings in it, that she gave him.
"Oh these will do nicely.", he said with a greedy gleam in his eyes. In fact he was so hungry that he instantly swallowed one of the herring. The second he put aside to preserve or prepare in a more suiting manner.
She held a finger at his face:"If it didn't work I will come back for those."
"Be my guest.", he gulped.
Crowfeet was confident that she wasn't going to come back, in fact he may have over done it. He would be suprised if this man he never met was going to get up anything ever again.
Almost casually he looked into the cauldron.
The cauldron not only was for cooking it was also his version of a magical mirror, a so called scrying device and now it showed him an image of an almost empty street. The only person to see was some tall guy in black wizards robes. Crowfeet only got a sort glimps at the mans face but it was enough to realize it was just a skull.
This man was getting quite active, maybe something is on the horizon.
"Peperations seem in order."
taking a look into the Tengu race and Witch class for the Pathfinder pen&paper-RPG inspired this story, enjoy.
i might do a followup.
Of the injuries
You survived
Hey Guys,

In case you didn't notice, I changed my avatar.
This is me at the baptism of my nephew, reading out a small verse.

I'm trying to get back to writing at the moment.
And you? How are you guys doing?

the erring fool


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